Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vision Statement for Kids/Family

This one was a little more difficult for me, but a good exercise in defining what I want for and from my family. I was surprised at just how difficult it was for me to put my values into words. I do feel like it is missing *something* that I can't quite identify (maybe something about the process of becoming more independent? maybe something about extended family?). I might yet tweak it because I know I'm forgetting something important. Or I might just wait and revise for 2012. But I'll be taking lots of notes between then and now! I'd also love any ideas/input.

2011 Vision Statement for Kids/Family
I have a close relationship with my children. They feel free to discuss anything with me, and I listen attentively without quickly jumping in to give advice or teach a lesson. We hold family meetings to discuss our values, goals and any issues. We regularly discuss the values our family identifies as important. We enjoy spending quality time together that includes reading, crafting, family dinners, music and games. We maintain an active lifestyle together and travel regularly. My children are involved in caring and managing our home. We have beloved family traditions. I have good relationships with my children's friends and their families. Learning and higher education is encouraged, and I am actively involved with their schooling.

Winter Goals for Kids/Family
  1. Schedule library time every other week
  2. Buy snowshoes for kids (done! Thank you, Costco!)
  3. Organize kids' craft ideas (I have all these craft ideas from magazines that need a binder)
  4. Document holiday traditions for Christmas Planner (from
  5. Plan Birthdays x2
  6. Get piano in usable condition
  7. Sign kids up for tennis lessons
  8. Sign kids up for swim lessons
  9. Plan spring/summer travel
  10. Devote afternoons to kids (I should blog more about my ideas for this!)
Because I've been pretty wordy this week... Kate & Jack our in their snowshoes for the first time. We didn't go far but had a great time exploring. I have a longer outing planned for this weekend


Marie Green said...

Snow shoeing with the kids is a great idea! Looks like they were troopers.

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