Friday, January 07, 2011


The eternal optimist. When the temperatures were sub-zero and we were all complaining about the cold, Jack pipes up with, "Well, it isn't as cold as the planet farthest away from the sun!"


"The problem, Mommy, is that I am a fast forgetter."


Pointing to the electric plant in town, "See that smoke maker? Yup, it is connected to all the lights in the city. It has to burn coal to make the lights work. All that smoke? Yup, that is the coal burning. And that is why Antarctica is melting all the time... and the polar bears are drowning."

He's actually mostly right. And I didn't even tell him this.


The only time I ever use foul language is in the car when someone is tailgating me. Hate it. On more than one occasion I have yelled, with kids in the car, "Get off my a**!!" Once I even added the F word. Fortunately the kids didn't pick up on that... although Kate did ask me why I was sticking my fingers up at the truck driver... *ahem*

So anyway, a few weeks ago, Matt was going over sight words with Jack and was having him use the words in sentences. They got to the word "as." It was one Jack hadn't yet learned in school, and he was a little unsure of how to use it in a sentence. (You know where this is going, don't you?) Suddenly a lightbulb goes off, and Jack says, "You mean in a sentence like, 'Get off my as!'?"



Jen said...

I LOVE "get off my as!"...and I can just hear Matt cracking up when he said it!

Erudition said...

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PopMom said...

"fast forgetter"...classic.

Tiffany said...

"get off my a**"! I love it! I a pretty good around the girls but other drivers bring out the worst in me!