Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home/Garden Vision Statement

Another one that was fairly concrete and easy for me to write. Also includes visions for our possessions. Again in first-person plural because it is Matt's house also (sorta). This one is certainly a *vision* - got some work to do here!

2011 Home/Garden Vision Statement
We have a home and yard that we enjoy. Our home is clean, organized, and uncluttered. Our children and their friends enjoy being at our home, and it is a place that is welcoming and comfortable for guests. Our yard is a space that lures us outside to play and relax. Our landscape meets our needs for aesthetics, edibles, play and pets. Our decor is simple and of personal significance. Our possessions are useful, beautiful and not excessive. We are surrounded by items that are mostly handmade, artful or sentimental. We own a variety of quality recreation equipment that encourages our active lifestyle. All things have a place and records are maintained and organized.

Home/Garden Winter Goals
  1. Design a playset plan
  2. Have new back window installed (so I can better see the mountains... and the kids!)
  3. Clean out basement
  4. Sort junk pile (already done - woohoo!)
  5. Meet with landscape architect regarding next steps and plantings for spring
  6. Start my garden plan
  7. Complete electrical projects
  8. Make a photo album for one year of digital photos (preferably 2005)
Unrelated: It's a pretty lucky day today 1/11/11...


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