Sunday, January 02, 2011


We are home. It feels good. But it also felt good to be away. We spent the last week in southeastern Arizona on Matt's uncle's ranch (where we had our wedding). Most of Matt's mom's side of the family was there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins. And my sister was there which was so great. But Matt's sister and family got stuck in the snow on the East coast which was not-so-great.

It was a good week. Cousin Hannah and I did a 10 mile run together. The kids explored outside. We went to the Chiricahau National Monument and earned Junior Ranger Badges. I did some target shooting with Uncle Mark (but my hands got icy cold!). We ate and ate and ate. I finished a book (The Maytrees). I worked on my 2011 vision statements. We each burned a list of our 2010 regrets in the fire, and I was in bed before midnight on New Year's Eve. We left New Year's Day and had a leisurely drive home stopping in Hatch, NM (home of the chile pepper!) and Santa Fe.

I'm mixing up my New Year's resolutions a bit this year. I'm still going to do a short list of "resolutions" - things that I can tick off like a to-do list. Honestly, it isn't going to look that different from my 2010 list. I've also decided to go with a theme for 2011 (a la my friend Nona). AND I'm also writing vision statements (thanks to my friend Jill) for different areas of my life. The idea being that my goals come from my vision statements. I worked a lot on my vision statements this last week. I'm mostly done but haven't decided if I'll share them on my blog. Mostly because they are probably boring to anyone but me.

I can already tell 2011 is going to be a good year. How can it not when the year starts out with the date 1-1-11?!?

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