Monday, January 10, 2011

Financial Vision Statement

This one was the easiest for me to write. Probably because it is fairly concrete. I'm adding my financial winter goals at the end. Remember, this isn't necessarily where I am, but more where I want to be. I also wrote this in first-person plural since it is the one of my goal areas where it is truly a partnership with Matt.

2011 Financial Vision Statement
We maintain purposeful control of our finances. We have a flexible budget that allows us to track our spending. We are able to provide support, education and experiences for our family without concern. We have a savings and investment plan to provide for our retirement, the children's educations, unexpected expenses, and larger purchases. We give generously to support the causes of family and friends and to support organizations in which we believe. We keep records and documents updated and organized. We are not wasteful nor focused on consumerism. We are passing our financial values to our children and actively educating our children regarding financial issues such as managing money.

Financial well-being is nothing but a balancing act on the back of circumstance. - Kent Nerburn, Simple Truths

Financial Winter Goals
  1. Meet with our financial planner for annual review (already scheduled!)
  2. Restart mvelopes (already started!)
  3. Have a "no buy" month (did this a couple years ago - I think we'll do it again for Feb)
  4. Define 2011 savings goals with Matt (done!)
  5. Define giving budget and list preferred organizations
  6. Review and revise wills (they are 5+ years old and need some changes)
  7. Read one book related to finance and children

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