Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I haven't blogged about running lately because, well, because I haven't been running much lately. That, however, is changing as of this week. Couple random and not-so-random running thoughts.
  1. I'm going to run the Austin Half Marathon again this year. I had no intention of doing it, but Matt really wanted to run. Plus I thought I might get my sister to run. So I registered. Now it looks like I'll probably be running alone. Matt has been having some hip problems (old man that he is!), and my sis hasn't shown much interest.
  2. I did run the Dallas Turkey Trot with my sister. It was her first race. She did great! Don't you think she should run Austin?
  3. I don't usually listen to an ipod when I run outside, but sometimes I will if I need a little motivation to get out there. I think I must have the oddest taste in running music. My favs on my current running playlist: Man Who Can't Be Moved, Chasing Cars, You're Beautiful (what's with the "flying high" lyrics in the video?), Need You Now, Follow Me, Collide and Come on Get Higher (love the girl's hair in the video). Not so normal, right?
  4. My new running "plan" is to run 7 days a week. That way I should actually run 3 times. Plus weights & cross training. Plus tennis. Plus yoga. I don't plan rest days as they always find me.
  5. This morning I rolled out my IT band for the first time in several weeks. Ouch. Made-me-cry ouch. Should really go do it again right now.
  6. It has been so warm here that I did a long run on Monday in shorts and a tank top. And I was hot. Sweaty hot. Although I'd like to think I was also the other kind of hot. At least for the first few miles. The last few miles? Definitely only sweaty hot.
  7. I need to pick some races for 2011. Preferably ones that involve travel. To see my friends or family or something new & exciting. And I like as close to sea level as possible! Any suggestions?


Janice said...

www.hamptonhalf.com You can't get much closer to sea level than that! :)

GreenStyleMom said...

I would absolutely do that one except it is the same day as the Austin Half... bummer!