Friday, November 26, 2010

Summer Trip

I just realized that I never shared photos from our big trip this summer. Not going to get much commentary now that we are several months post trip, but here is the basics.

Kids and I flew into Boston. Spent the night with my college friend Siri. SO good to see her and meet baby Erik. The next day the kids and I explored Boston a bit.

Old North Church
(the kids were less than impressed)
Paul Revere
(they did like that as we had been reading Paul Revere books)
Fortunately the Freedom Trail led to ice cream
then we found the carousal
and the fountains!
After Boston, we drove to Vermont to stay with Matt's sister and the cousins. I could have stayed there all summer. We had access to a great swim lake and there was much to explore in the area. So much fun to be with cousins!
After several glorious days in Vermont, Matt's sister and I loaded the 4 kids and drove to the island in Maine where Matt's mom spends her summers (remember we were there 3 years ago? Right after I started this blog!). We spent one night before heading up to Acadia National Park in my mother-in-law's RV.
In Acadia we...
Explored tide pools
Played on the beach
Collected feathers
(Poor Jack was so proud of all the feathers. He was trying to sell them to other beach goers. Didn't have any luck.)
Gave new meaning to eating "sand"wiches
Took care of necessities while camping
Ate picnics with wildlife
Conquered (by car!) the highest point on the Eastern seaboard
It's Cadillac Mountain
(about 1500 ft)
Of course the kids also earned their Junior Ranger badges. After 4 nights camping, I took the kids to Portland to relax in a hotel for a night before Matt arrived. Matt's flight was cancelled, so we ended up getting two nights in hotels. And there is still more to come...

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