Saturday, November 27, 2010

Summer Trip (cont)

After Matt arrived, we stayed on the island for a few days. It is beautiful and rustic and heavenly, although this year we did more day trips off the island.

Lodging in the boat house.
Path from main house to boat house.
Rowing in the bay
Lobster Boil!
Collecting mussels
Cleaning mussels
Eating mussels
Trip to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
(it's on the Maine quarter!)
Me in the lighthouse
(One of maybe 3 photos of me on the trip!)
Yummy yummy lobster rolls
Lake Damariscotta
(this is where I would buy my Maine home!)
We also spent a few days exploring Portland.
Then we sent Matt back to Colorado, while the kids and I drove back to Boston. We had one last afternoon, and we went to the New England Aquarium. Then home again.

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Tiffany said...

What a fun trip! We go to New Jersey each year to see my hubbies family and I keep trying to get them out of New Jersey so I can explore more of the east coast but they seem to think that New Jersey is all that exists!