Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Life Update

I have so much I want to blog but just not the time.

Today is Matt's birthday! We are celebrating with dinner out with some friends and family. It will be fun, but I really wish we were doing what we did last year. Matt actually offered to send me for a few days last week, but I opted to stay home and get some house projects done. Sorta regretting my decision...

I've been busy sewing. I have multiple projects started, but few finished. I did complete a quilt for my grandma for Christmas. I had plans to make many quilts as Christmas gifts, but I'm beginning to accept that this will be the only one I give this year. My grandma is amazing at finding four leaf clovers, so I wanted to incorporate that theme. Plus she loves pink (guess it runs in the family!) so I knew I wanted lots of pink.

I think I'm going to title this quilt "Fields of Flowers and Clovers"
And my first attempt at quilting words. I wanted it to be subtle. (It says "Grandma" and "Love Kristen")
I was going to use a stripe for the binding, but I was afraid it was looking too much like a baby quilt. Instead I went with a brown for some contrast.
My Organized Christmas is going really well. I'm officially done gift shopping (although I'll probably still get a few things for the kids... I usually overbuy for them and then the leftovers become birthday presents in February and March). The week after Thanksgiving I plan to do some cooking/freezing (Miss D is going to help!), decorate the house, send off all packages and then just enjoy the rest of the season doing things I love - baking, crafting, eating!

My father-in-law is flying in for a visit today. He'll stay through the week to keep Matt company. Poor Matt has to work over Thanksgiving, but the kids and I (and Nina Sprinkles!) are heading back to Texas for the holiday. I hate to fly over Thanksgiving so we are hitting the road for the trip. Looking forward to whatever crazy adventures await us!

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Penny said...

lovely quilt and good on you for being so organised!