Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another Week Gone

Has it really been an entire week since I last posted? And I have so much I want to say. Just not much time nor energy to write it out, even with that extra hour today. What I've survived this week, in no particular order...
  • Day off with Matt
  • Tennis x3
  • 2 of 3 planned runs (I gave up one run to play tennis... yikes!)
  • Gym workout x2
  • Family dinner party with friends
  • 1 puking child
  • More dinner plans cancelled (due to above) and thus a relaxed weekend night at home
  • 2 workman coming over to measure for projects
  • Girls' night
  • Date night dinner with friends at Ethiopian restaurant
  • 3 completed quilt tops (2 are rather small quilts)
  • Tour of the Heller Center
  • Missed donation pick-up (oops!)
  • Playdates x4
  • Spontaneous weekday dinner with friends
  • 3 trips to Target
  • 4 trips to the grocery store
  • 1 trip to Costco
  • 10,000 pieces of Halloween candy consumed

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