Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoo Afternoon

I picked the kids up from school yesterday, and we headed straight to the zoo. It was an unplanned trip but a much needed one. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life (not uncommon - especially after I've "volunteered" all day) plus I missed my kiddos after being gone all weekend (college girls' weekend - more on that later). Matt was off work, but he stayed home. I think he'd had enough of kids after this weekend, plus he needed to meet with the rodent man (to catch the squirrels that have been living in our attic... they are to be "relocated"... I won't mention that I've heard the scratching in the ceiling for well over a year and that it wasn't until Matt heard the scratching over the weekend that the issue became urgent... nope, won't even mention that...). Anyway, I love going to the zoo on weekday afternoons in the fall and spring. Sometimes we feel like the only ones in the whole place.
The animals are usually pretty active, and we often get to help out a zookeeper (yesterday the kids got the feed the mole rats). So, a beautiful, autumn afternoon at the zoo with the kids sounded like it was just what I needed. And it was.

We brought Jack's "adventure" camera as he likes to call it. Thought I'd share our zoo trip from Jack's point of view. He obviously listens to his mama and her photography frustrations, because he kept saying, "I need to get a different angle on this."

Mommy Feeding the Giraffes
Naked Mole Rat
Mommy and Kate
Self Portrait

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