Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zen Ghosts

We are starting to outgrow picture books in our house. Not that we don't still love them and read them daily (or usually multiple times a day!), but I haven't been acquiring them quite as quickly as I once did. Instead I find myself collecting "chapter books" that we can read out loud now or that the kids can grow into as they become better readers.

But as I was shopping the other day on Amazon, I saw that Jon Muth had written another Stillwater book called Zen Ghosts. We love to read Zen Shorts and Zen Ties (I choke up every time I read Zen Ties...) so I had to have it. I made the excuse of buying it as a Halloween gift to the kids. I admit it is more for me.

So it arrived today, and I couldn't wait to read it! I loved the first read through. The second time left me a bit puzzled, but after reading the author's note and the story for a third time, I love it again (although maybe not as much as the first two books... the "fable" isn't as obvious) The book's theme is of duality. A concept I've contemplated without knowing what to call it. Can you be a different "me" with different people? Is it honest and can someone really know you if they only know one version? As the author put in the notes, "When our hearts are taken in two different directions, where are we?"

I haven't read it to the kids yet. Probably at bedtime tonight. I'm a bit doubtful that they will grasp the underlying concept, but I think they will like the sorta spooky story!

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