Sunday, October 03, 2010

Need Inspiration

I really need some inspiration for running. I've been feeling so "blah" since my triathlon in August. The first few weeks I could justify it by saying that I was resting, but I'm now long past that excuse.

I'm fitting in 3 runs a week... on a good week... and those have been few and far between. Long runs seen to be the toughest for me to get done. At first I thought it would get better once we got back in the school routine. Then when the season changed. Now maybe with the change in weather? Doubtful.

I also thought signing up for an event might help. So I did the Royal Gorge Rim to Rim 10K this last weekend with my friend Ashlee. It was lots of fun and felt good, but I was a bit frustrated with myself that I did nothing to prepare. I don't even think I ran the entire preceding week!
(As a side, this was the first time I've taken a bathroom break during a race. Since we started at the far back of the pack, I knew my time wouldn't be accurate anyway, so I thought no point in being uncomfortable!)
Being goofy at the start.
Can't help but make faces at the camera
(oh - and that is Stacie from Salida running with me. We met & chatted it up the second half. We kept a nice pace together. Wish she lived close.)

But back to my running woes...

I haven't even been keeping track of my mileage which I'm usually pretty particular about tracking. Just found my heart rate monitor next to my hair dryer in the bathroom this morning. Who knows how long it has been there. I didn't even know it was missing!

Matt really wants us to do the Austin Half Marathon in February. At first I didn't want to - you know, been there, done that. Now I think it would be a good goal and a fun annual comparison. I should just register. We'll see.

Life has been crazy busy lately which makes fitting it all in tough. But I don't see that changing anytime soon. Plus the crazy is all good and fun.

So if you happen to find any inspiration or motivation, send it my way!!

Parting Royal Gorge photo

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Penny said...

new running songs maybe?