Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our street is busy for Halloween. I bought 620 pieces of candy, and my friend Kerri brought over another 400 or so pieces. Other than the 100-something pieces that I personally consumed this evening, we gave away the rest. 1000 pieces! Just one piece per trick-or-treater for the first couple hours. Then as the stream turned to a trickle, I started letting kids take 2. The final 10 or so tricksters got handfuls. So I'm guessing we had 600-ish kids come through?

We had a perfect night for trick-or-treating. Kate went as a ballerina (I made 2 tutus... I used polka dot ribbon on the edging of one which was no good... apparently polka dots are too babyish for first graders), and Jack was a race car driver (black sweatsuit - Hanes has some made partially from recycled plastic - with patches down the sleeves). Nina Sprinkles was a witch. Next year I'd like to get more creative with her costume.
Hope you also had a Happy Halloween!


Dawn said...

Cute costumes! We have too much candy left over. I'm sending it to my husband's office today. ;)

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