Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was Saturday. Happy Birthday to Me! It was a really nice weekend to celebrate.

We started the weekend off by going to the Juniper Valley Ranch dining room with Miss D on Friday evening. Really good home cookin'! (And look - Miss D and I are both wearing our turquoise necklaces!)
Saturday morning we took off for the mountains. Uncle Markle met us up there and took me off for my birthday present. I've been asking him for a gun safety lesson, and I got that and more! I am now the proud owner of my own BB gun. Look at what a great shot I am!
Later Cousin Hannah and our friends Kerri, Chris and Noah all joined us for dinner. It was an amazing fondue spread! (Thanks, Kerri!)
Plus I got a chocolate birthday cake complete with pumpkins (a birthday tradition for me!)
I had requested a complaint-free hike from the kids for my birthday present. We headed out this morning. It was a perfect day and a great hike, although there was still a bit of complaining! (The kids always complain at the beginning, but once we get going, they always love hiking!)
A few other photos from our hike...


PopMom said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day - sunshine, family hike, cake, good food.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday - What a great weekend!

Penny said...

what a lovely weekend :) Enjoy the remainder of your summer/fall

Dawn said...

That looks like a really fun way to celebrate a birthday. Beautiful photos. Happy Birthday!

Christine said...

Hi! :)

It's Christine from, From An Igloo. Contact me through my blog, you are one of the winners of the Inner Hooker Giveaway! :)