Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apple Pie Filling

Remember when I took my friend Miss D and the kids apple picking almost 3 weeks ago? Other than snack on them, I haven't found the time to do anything with my 50lbs of apples. I had planned to just make applesauce, but when Miss D offered to help me with canning, I decided to try something new and fun (not that applesauce isn't fun...). Miss D is quite the pie maker, so I thought apple pie filling would be perfect.
Today we peeled and sliced 6 quarts of apples while Miss D reminisced about her childhood years and her mother's canning (Miss D grew up the middle child - and only girl - of 7 children on a ranch in Oregon). After those stories, I am thankful that canning is a hobby for me and not a necessity for survival!
After all the peeling and slicing, we mixed up the sauce. Originally we were going to pour the sauce over the apples already in the jars, but that was difficult as the sauce was so thick. It was a sticky mess, but we filled 6 quart jars (with just enough left over to make the kids individual apple crisps for tonight). While the jars were processing, we ate lunch outside (chicken salad, crackers and grapes).
Unfortunately, we had packed the jars a little too full. When they came out of the water bath, the jars were oozing apple pie sauce and, obviously, didn't seal. We opened all the jars, gave them some additional head room, cleaned the edges, put on new tops, and processed them a second time. They almost look too pretty to every open and eat.
Miss D had such a great time helping that I think she is going to help me can my peaches, pears, and applesauce. We might even try a recipe for peach pie filling!
(That's me washing dishes... Miss D wanted to prove to Matt that I work very, very hard during the day and never have any fun!)


Penny said...

hee hee!
I've used all but 1 of my apple jars.. definitely going to be making more this season.

Marie Green said...

I want a Miss D in MY life! Also, it makes me wish my grandma lived next door...

PopMom said...

I love your kitchen! How fun to can with another adult. What a nice day it must have been.