Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tri Report

So I did it. Just a week ago. And now I can't wait to do another one!

All in all it went really well. Like most races, when I got to the end, I felt like I could/should have pushed harder. Oh, well. The only goal was to finish, and I was faster than I expected! The swim was my favorite event. I finished in the top 20% despite a very relaxed swim (I kept imagining that it was just an easy morning swim with my sister-in-law in Lake Damariscotta). The bike was fine, but I should have been hydrating while riding. By the time I got to the run, I was hot and thirsty, and my quads were burning. I started out a little too fast and took walk breaks when I really didn't need them. But I felt great when I finished.

I can see why people say triathlons are addicting. I actually thought about doing another in September, but I think I'll wait until next summer. I'd like to actually train for the next tri since the 2 weeks home before the race after being on vacation for 3 weeks didn't allow for much (I think I only did 8 bike rides total this summer!). Thanks to my friend Jill who inspired me to to a triathlon!

A few photos...

My little set-up
(Did you know that they put your AGE on your leg in permanent marker?? Argh)
And I snagged this one from the half marathon in July (did I mention all the horrible hills in that race?!?). I like it because I look so funny!
And one more from last night. My friend Ashlee and I ran the Skirt Chaser 5K together. I bet we looked super cute crossing the finish line together!


Dimity and Sarah said...

nice, k. kick-ass lowery. what tri did you do again? you're becoming my hero. :)

Penny said...

go you! You are an amazing woman.

Sarah said...

Congrats! It is awesome that you are doing so many races.
I also find tri's addicting, but since I'm pregnant again I'm finding it difficult to train and I don't know when I might compete in one again.

Marie Green said...

Awesome... has me thinking "maybe someday..."