Friday, July 16, 2010


July 17th. My 2nd half marathon. While there is certainly some anticipation, I'm neither overly nervous nor overly excited. I feel well prepared but have no pressure to meet any goal other than to finish. (Although I just read the August issue of Runner's World with a big half marathon article - written by my friend Dimity - and now I'm inspired to train for a 3rd half to beat my very slow PR with a not-quite-as-slow PR!)

Earlier this week I was reviewing our schedule on the calendar when I realized that I was in Minnesota this time last year. I even remember that last July 17th was an overcast and cool day (how I would love to have similar weather tomorrow). I took this photo early that morning. It is one of my favorites from the trip, and I hung a framed print in my office. Looking at it now, I can't help but ponder the last 365 days. An entire year.
So much can happen in a year. Last July 17th, a run over 5 miles wasn't even in the realm of my possibilities, and now I've completed one half marathon, will have a second done by noon tomorrow, and will do a triathlon by summer's end. Last summer neither of my children had started school. In just over a month, I'll have both kids in school full time. And so many other changes. Makes me wonder what changes are ahead and where I will be this time next year.

I imagine that I'll be thinking about all this as I run tomorrow (when, of course, I am not focusing on being in the moment!). Where I was, where I am, what has changed, and what has remained constant despite the passing of time.

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Dawn said...

Good luck at your race tomorrow!