Sunday, July 18, 2010


We were standing inside this evening when I heard the distinct call of an owl. Haven't heard or seen an owl in the 5 years we've been in Colorado, so we ran outside to see if we could find him. There he was up near the top of one of our Blue Spruces. He was pretty camouflaged so I'm surprised we spotted him.
There was a robin hoping around the nearby branches letting Mr. Owl know he was NOT wanted.
I love this one of him winking at us.
Wildlife in our backyard makes me so happy... sigh...

(I think Nina Sprinkles is too big for an owl, but we brought her inside just to be safe!)


Tiffany said...

Too cool! I hear many owls out here but I have not yet seen one.

stephanie said...

Wow!! That is so wonderful Kristen!

Dawn said...

Those are great pictures! What fun, to find an owl in your backyard.

EcoverUS said...

Wildlife makes us happy too. : )
-Deb at Ecover