Sunday, June 06, 2010

Running Challenge Update

Week 5 miles: 16
Total challenge miles: 113
Weeks left: 2
Miles/week to meet goal: 31*

What I didn't do in miles this week, I made up for in scenery! Here are a few shots from my final run in Arches National Park on our last morning in Moab. It was only a bit over 4 miles round trip, but took me over an hour because of terrain and those darn distracting views.

Landscape Arch
This view took my breath away
(or possibly it was the uphill run doing that...)
Double O Arch
(I was the only one there... so peaceful... I wish I'd had more time to sit and ponder life in that spot...)
*I think I'm out for this challenge but I'll keep trying! I probably won't do a lot of cross training this week, so maybe I'll try to sneak in a few extra miles. I am, however, back in the running to make 1000 miles in 2010

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