Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is a Highway

Or a racetrack in our house. Lately my kids have been trying to make everything into a contest or race. Who can unbuckle their seatbelt first. Who eats their cookie the fastest. And on and on. It wouldn't be so bad except that it often turns into a bickering contest over who really won or what the rules are. Argh.

So a few days ago this was happening (I can't even remember what the "race" was about!) and it was driving me crazy. I told them for the umpteenth time that life was not a race. It doesn't matter who wins or loses, it is how you treat people along the way.

Something clicked for Jack, and he said, "OH! It is like when Lightening McQueen didn't care anymore about winning the race but went to help Mr. King out instead."

Yes, yes, yes!!

We've always love the movie CARS, but it seems to be making a resurgence in our house lately. All Jack wants to talk about is race cars. So instead of fighting it, I'm now working with it!

Later that evening we were having tortilla chips and salsa. Jack took the last two purple chips which sent Kate into a tizzy (horror of horrors since the purple chips taste SO much better than the other chips!). I looked at Jack and asked him what he thought Lightening McQueen would have done in that situation. And it worked! You could just see his little brain ticking away. We went on to have a long conversation about the right thing to do and whether or not cars eat purple tortilla chips.

So the new motto in our house is now WWLMcQD? What Would Lightening McQueen Do?


Marie Green said...

Awesome... milk it for all it's worth!

PopMom said...

My kids race EVERYTHING. It's so annoying. Unfortunately, it was me who started it as a way to get them to get going and then complete tasks. Backfired!!

Cars 2 is coming out next summer. We can't wait. Even though Rory has moved on to Star Wars, he says he "still likes CARS and will go see Cars2 with you, Mommy."

Penny said...

we have the same problem.. it drives me insane!