Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitty Bells

Conversation the other day as I am getting out of the shower...

Kate: Mom, I need to tell you something!

Me: Kate, you can tell me in a few minutes. Please give me a little privacy right now.

Kate: No, it is VERY important. You have to come now.

Me (knowing that the definition of "important" is relative): What is it?

Kate: There are bird legs on our kitchen floor.

Me: What?!?

Kate: There are bird legs on our kitchen floor.

Sure enough. A pair of bird legs. Nothing much left. We assume the perpetrator was Oscar since he later brought us a wing. It surprised me since I still think of him as a kitten, and our older cat Samuel has never been a birder (actually, I don't think Samuel has caught anything - ever!).

I consider our cats to be indoor pets, but they do often wander out our always-standing-wide-open-back door. I love having our bird feeders and lots of birds in the backyard so something had to be done.

Guess who is the proud new owner of a bell collar? Made out of recycled materials. Don't even have to order them special anymore!


Dawn said...

Not a nice surprise in the morning, is it. Our cat wears a bell for the same reason.

Penny said...

I can cope with bird legs more than stepping on a dead mouse in the hallway in the dark ;P