Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Report

Sat - we all slept in, kids brought me breakfast in bed (and then ate most of it!), Matt took the kids out to lunch while I worked on my meditation space (more on that at some point), took Kate to a birthday party, Uncle Markle came down from Eagle county to visit us, Matt made dinner (how come he gets credit for dinner when he made just the main dish and I made 3 side dishes AND dessert?), and Matt & Mark made Moab plans while I puttered around before going to bed.

Sun - woke up before everyone else, meditated in my new meditation space (woohoo!), ate a big breakfast, took a walk in the park to check out a hen house with Uncle Mark, discussed hen house plans with Uncle Mark, the boys all went to the hardware store while Kate & I played dress-up (oh, how I wish I had a picture to share!), Kate & I went to the grocery store while the boys hung a book rack in Kate's room (not easy on 100+ year old plaster walls!), watched the snow fall (it's MAY!!), had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, learned how to counter sink a screw from Uncle Mark before saying goodbye (he also gave me a little bit thingy to help along with a good, used drill!), Matt took the kids to Target while I relaxed/cleaned/did whatever it is I do, we researched/planned/measured for future hen house and tree house, ate leftovers for dinner, cleaned the kitchen while Matt put the kids to bed, made lunches and snacks for the week, puttered some more and now finally going to bed.

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