Monday, May 24, 2010

Sh*tty Morning


This is how last Monday (a week ago) started out for me.
  1. Stepped in dog doo on my early morning run
  2. Came home to a puking, sick child
  3. Informed by the rotor rooter guy with his little camera in my sewer drain that my entire line needed to be replaced*
Oh... and that was all by 10am. Not the bestest way to start the week. And while the rest of the week certainly had its highlights, I sorta feel like that first morning set the stage, and I never fully recovered from the funk.

This week is going to be different! Summer vacation officially starts today for us. We slept in, baked some breakfast, and are hoping to go visit a new friend and take her for a walk. A fresh morning, a fresh week, a fresh season.

*Remember how I was daydreaming about ways to spend our equity? Not anymore. The funds for those dreams when down the toilet. Literally.


Brenna said...

Oh no! Here's to a better start to your summer vacation!

Dawn said...

Eeww...I hate it when money has to be spent on icky, necessary stuff like plumbing problems! At my house, it has been car repairs that have been eating up all the fun money. I'm glad this week is off to a better start for you.

Penny said...

aaah... stink. in every sense.

Everyday Song said...

Oh. Wow. I had that morning about exactly three months ago. So sorry. I would quote Polyanna, but why. Hang in there.