Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running Randomness

So I got my orthotics last week. I'm not convinced. It feels like I have a hard egg in my shoes. I'm still in the slowly-increasing-my-time-in-them stage, and I have yet to run in them. We'll see.

I was supposed to do the Run to the Shrine 10K last Saturday morning. However, one of the race coordinators kept me out too late the night before at a fancy shindig. Next year I'll be there!
I did do a nice 10 mile run on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. I put sunscreen on, but apparently missed some spots...

Just for the record, I RARELY burn.
See the finger blotches?
On my run last night a girl passed me with shorts so short that her butt cheeks were quite visible when she bounced. I'm not exaggerating in the least.

And now that the weather is nice, I'm actually running on the treadmill more than outside. What kind of sense does that make?!? I gotta start getting up early!


ashlee said...

you kill me with the sunburn self-portraits! so impressed with your mileage.

Dawn said...

Ouch! I was thinking the same thing about the treadmill this morning. It was beautiful outside, but there I was, inside, because my son wanted to play at the gym while I ran.