Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Rascals

Last night I was looking around outside for Oscar (our kitten - now almost cat!) when I heard a funny, squeaky, scratchy noise coming from the front yard. I went to investigate and just as I rounded the front corner of the house I saw a (big!) mommy raccoon coming down our front tree with 3 baby raccoons attempting to follow her. They were so cute with their little tails and funny noises. I hollered for Matt to come see which scared the little guys back up. I attempted a few photos, but my camera wasn't focusing well in the dark. I managed to get a few.
Cute Rascal
Little Guy with his siblings' tails
Trying to scurry away to a higher branch
We could hear them chattering through our open window as we went to sleep. I just hope they'll come out early one evening so the kids can see them also!


Tiffany said...

Just don't keep your dog food outside or where they can get to it. Years ago I found one in our mud room because that was where we kept the dog food and he/she was not too nice either!

Penny said...

hee hee - cute!