Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I got part of my Mother's Day present early on Saturday - front porch furniture! I've really wanted a place to sit and read in the late summer afternoons when the backyard gets too hot. Or a place to relax with drinks in the evenings while the kids ride bikes on the front sidewalks. Our front porch is fairly narrow and most of the porch furniture these days is SO big. I was thrilled and quickly threw on my favorite pillows from Magical Scraps.
On Sunday, we went to brunch at the zoo like we did last year.
We wandered the zoo a bit, but it was super crowded so we left early. We did get to see the 2 baby giraffes and the twin lion tamarins. Such cuteness. Although I felt for that mommy tamarin with 2 babies clinging to her back. I know what that feels like!
Got to do some shopping with my friend Ashlee and fit in my long run. (My total running mileage for the first week of Colorado Mom's challenge is 28 miles - plus just under a mile of swimming and about 20 miles on the bike!) I had a little extra encouragement on my run as I had my favorite Mother's Day present - a motivation card from the kids - tucked into my running belt!
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Penny said...

heh - love the gogogogogo

Dawn said...

I think I know how that mama tamarin feels to. ;) Brunch at the zoo for Mother's day sounds like a lot of fun. Way to go on the running, biking, swimming! Are you preparing for a triathlon?