Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Matt is working evenings this week which means he is home during the day which means I get to use him to get things done around the house. We are doing a massive spring clean out this week. All the clutter has to go! Usually I just pack stuff up to donate to charity, but since we are cleaning out some big items, we'll participate in our neighborhood's garage sale in 6-ish weeks.

This weekend, I came to terms with the fact that there will be no more babies in this house and cleaned out all remaining baby clothes. I was brutal. The only items I kept were coming home outfits, handmade items, and a few other favorites to eventually pass down. The cribs and strollers and jogging strollers (we have 3!) and stroller accessories are all set aside to go. Even the maternity clothes are packed to go. Whew!

Moving on to other areas today.

Coincidentally, Simple Mom is doing a Spring Clean this week also. I think I'll follow some of her leads to getting it all done.


Cyndi said...

Perfect timing! Maybe she can help me purge & declutter just in time to somewhat organize the new house! :)

azmama said...

I'm slowly coming to terms with the no more babies thing too - it is SO HARD! I've gotten rid of most of everything at this point. I did go through all of the baby clothes and I'm having a lady make me some twin quilts out of the kids' favorite baby clothes - that way I'll still have them, just not in boxes. :)


Penny said...

ooo - yes, coming to terms with no more babies is hard. I've got rid of a few things like maternity clothes, baby clothes, some smaller baby guff. The larger items I'm kinda hanging on to for a bit longer in the hope that my sister might procreate.