Monday, April 05, 2010

Sew Excited!

Didn't I just blog that I needed a new/different sewing machine??

I have been looking at sewing machines for well over a year. I've gone to lots of quilt and craft stores in town to try out the various brands and models, I've researched sewing machines online extensively, and I've asked everyone I know who sews what they like/don't like about their machines. Last fall I demo'd the Bernina 440 Quilters Edition. Big mistake. I loved it, but it cost double the most what I had mentally budgeted for a machine. I couldn't justify spending the money, so I sorta quit shopping for sewing machines. I continued to look on Ebay and Craig's List for any used machines, but nothing worked for me.

Last week I was reading this blog post about thread. I clicked to the company's site and looked at Colorado dealers. I found High Country Quilts which is the only quilt store in town that I had not visited (no particular reason why, just hadn't been there). I saw that they carried Bernina machines and decided I needed to go look. If couldn't get my dream machine, I could still get something significantly better than what I currently have (a Riccar sewing machine that I purchased 15 years ago with my first paycheck after college - they don't even make bobbins for it anymore!).

I was in no hurry but one afternoon I just felt a pull to go look. I immediately liked the lady helping me (Karen). Not intimidating at all like at some other places I had been. But the best news of all? She had just returned from a quilting cruise where they used the Bernina 440QE and were selling these barely used machines for just over cost. I listened to all the info and practiced a few stitches. Then I tried the BSR. Done. Sold. I bought one! It was still a bit more than I had planned to spend, but I feel like it is completely worth it.

I feel like the planets aligned for me. All the delay and waiting and procrastination was for a reason. Coincidentally, I'm reading 2 books right now both titled "Everything Happens for a Reason." This isn't any life changing event, but I can still feel that energy. Or maybe it is just my giddy excitement.

I even went to an intro class over the weekend. Now what to sew first...


Marie Green said...

I love it when I listen to that little pull and things (seemingly magically) unfold before me.

Rachel Meyers said...

I love stories like that, way to go!

Gray Matters said...

Sew exciting and sew jealous! Can't wait to see your first creation.

Penny said...

yay! So glad you've found something that works for you ;)

Mom2Cass said...


I don't know if you remember Christine (Square) from way back in the 'she know' days (we were all preggers with our first babes together) but she started this awesome sewing/crafty blog, I know you'll love it!