Friday, April 23, 2010

Running Weather

Remember how I said I was going to go for a run yesterday because it was an "absolutely beautiful Colorado spring day?" Well, then I linked to Athleta and got side-tracked (surprise, surprise) looking at all their sale stuff. By the time I got back on track and ready to run, there were dark clouds looming over the peak.

Reminded me of that saying, "If you don't like the weather here, wait 5 minutes and it will change." (Which, BTW, is a very annoying saying to me because everyone thinks quickly changing weather is unique to their location. Everywhere I've ever lived... Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, and I'm sure almost every other place uses that darn saying.) I decided to start out anyway because one thing I've learned that is fairly unique about Colorado weather is that rain clouds and even thunder rarely mean rain. Sure enough, those clouds lingered over the peak for my full 7 mile run (it was a tempo run which I thought I was going to despise the most about this training plan but come to find out they've been my favorite runs so far!)
The peak looked just amazing with the gauzy rain, the sunlight, and the pale trees just leafing out. Of course, my iPhone couldn't quite capture the lighting so you'll just have to trust me on that. I sorta wish I had my regular camera except I still don't know enough about lighting to really capture it. I did get caught in a short cloud burst on my walk home. Ducked into the bushes as I knew it would pass quickly. Here I am hiding out in the brush... not the most flattering photo, but you aren't supposed to look good after a run, right? I've also come to accept that no matter how thin or how old I get, I will probably always have those darn chubby cheeks...


Tiffany said...

I'm glad you got your run in. The managed to finish my lunch run in time because the clouds and wind came in shortly after.

Penny said...

a refreshing shower!