Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Recycling Plastic Bags

Did you know that you can recycle more than just plastic shopping bags? All kinds of plastic wrap can be recycled such as newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, and toilet paper wrapping! I save any of our plastic bags/wrapping in grocery bag holder (since we started using reusable bags, we don't have many grocery bags anymore!) under the sink and take it to the local Whole Foods or Wild Oats to be recycled.

What Can Be Recycled
Plastic Grocery Bags labeled #1 or #2
Shopping Bags (with drawstrings and handles removed)
Plastic Newspaper Bags
Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags
Plastic Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Wrapping
Plastic Baggies (without zips)
Plastic Bags with Sealed Air for Packing
Plastic Bread Bags
Clear Plastic Bags Labeled #1 or #2

What Can NOT Be Recycled (at the store anyway. If someone knows a place to recycle these items, let me know!)
Plastic Food Wrap
Bags with Food Residue
Prepackaged Food Bags (like salad bags)
Bubble Wrap
Painted Bags
Bio-based or Compostable Bags
Black Colored Bags

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Jen Kumar said...

Awesome post. We are thinking on the same lines as I am now going to be doing this too.. but I have a few doubts..
Regarding not sending ziploc bags for recycling- if we cut off the zip, can the rest of the bag be put in recycling?
Salad bags and bags with food residue- if we wash them are they eligible to be recycled?
Bubble wrap- I try to keep this to reuse to post things to people :)

Unknown said...

I didn't know that! I always feel so bad when I toss that stuff in the trash.

dawn klinge said...

We've pretty much eliminated plastic shopping bags by using re-usable bags but now I'm looking at getting some re-usable produce bags. We throw a lot of those away and I don't like it.

Mrs. Gray's Class said...

Great info - now if only I could figure out a purpose for the little plastic tags that come on our bread! Thanks!

Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks of this post .
We have been thinking of more ways to recycle but have not come this far.


Shannon said...

Great to know...How do you recycle milk containers?

Colorado Knitter said...

Waste Management here in Colorado Springs is now taking plastics #1-#7. This includes ziplocks without the zippers cut off and I don't believe you have to rinse out food residue. Milk containers are #1 or #2 which they have always taken. I have started calling or checking different companies websites when I am not sure what # the plastic is in their packaging. Starting this month I have begun to treat it as a challenge to see how much I can reduce our trash. I empty our bins at the recycling center about once a week.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

If you crochet, My Recycled Bags.com has a whole bunch of free patterns to make using "plarn" (yarn from plastic grocery bags, old VCR tape, and other recycled items). I've always thought it would be neat to take a bunch of plastic bags and crochet a "string" shopping bag with them.

Buddy the Cockapoo said...

Our company www.whatsurbag-usa.com is about to debut at the www.gogreenexpo.com in NYC on the last week end of April. We make reusable shopping bags that are flexible fashionable and socially concious. All of our bags are made in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina Survivors. In fact all of our vendors are outsourced there. We wanted to give new business and jobs to a struggling economy in New Orleans. Our bags hold twice as much as a plastic bag because they are flexible and they bounce when you walk so whatever you are carrying seems lighter.The website is not done yet but we are almost ready to hit the streets. Stay tuned! Joan Elmore
PS part of our proceeds go to Hope House in New Orleans a charity that feeds,trains and helps the homeless find housing.

Blackdove said...

Many grocery bags nowadays ARE biodegradable, although they look like plastic. Here's a nifty way to convert these grocery bags into trash bags. It's easy to do, convenient to use, and earth-friendly.

Unknown said...

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