Monday, April 19, 2010

No Rest Days

Between the spring clean out, the new sewing machine, the new training schedule, and family events, I haven't had a whole lot of spare time this last week. The email, voicemail, laundry and dirty dishes are stacking up pretty quickly!

It has been good for me to be back on a plan for running (not being on a plan was not working so well!). I'm using workouts from Run Less Run Faster since their 3 runs a week plus 2 cross-training days works well for both another half marathon and a triathlon. I also got to do a bonus run last week when the Colorado Running Company hosted Dimity on her Run Like a Mother book tour. Got my book signed and even got my photo on their blog. :)
Matt took me shopping last Wednesday and bought me my first road bike (unless you count my Schwinn ten-speed that I had when I was 8ish). I was going to be happy with a cheapie bike, but Matt loves to road bike and wanted to pick out a tad fancier one. We went for our first ride (about 10 miles for me - Matt took a long route home) on Thursday morning. Since I haven't even been on a road bike since my friend Marc took me in college (and had to push me up the hills while continuing to ride his own bike!), it felt a bit wobbly to be on such thin tires. We have a date night ride planned for this week.

We spent the weekend in the mountains with one of Matt's college friends and his family. It was probably our last weekend of skiing this season. It was a beautiful weekend - look at my snow babies skiing in just their sweaters! And hardly enough snow to ski all the way down!
Lots on the schedule today. A little sewing in between loads of laundry. Meeting my friend Kristen at the gym late morning then grocery shopping. Promised Jack that I would take him to the skate park after preschool, and tonight is my weekly swim during the kids' swim lessons (Looking forward to using my new swim cap). Phew! Might have to sneak a nap in there somewhere...

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