Tuesday, April 06, 2010

March Reading List

I have so many books on my to-read list that it is almost overwhelming! I feel like I need an entire summer by myself at a lake house or the beach where I have nothing to do but read all day...

The Velveteen Principles - Not enlightening and a bit silly, although it did cause me to pull out our copy of The Velveteen Rabbit and read it to the kids. One of my favorite stories.

The Doctor's Wife - eh... extramarital affairs, abortion, murder. Just didn't connect with the characters.

The Imaginary Girlfriend - John Irving is one of my favorite authors, and like all of his books, I enjoyed this one. Even with all the wrestling descriptions.

Run Like a Mother - co-authored by my friend Dimity. Fun book. Sorta like a cross between reading a magazine and talking to good friend. Full of practical tips and advice. Acknowledges the universal challenges of motherhood and running. Gave me assurance that I'm doing okay (sometimes I feel blah that I run so slow!) and inspiration to keep running.

Love Among the Ruins - Another book based in Minnesota (is it a popular setting or am I just unconsciously drawn to them?). I really enjoyed this book. The authors descriptions of emotions could make you feel them deeply. I found quote after quote that resonated with me, but it was a bit of a slow read as I read some paragraphs over and over. (I also admit to having to use the dictionary on several occasions!) A few of my favorites...
"But in love - and what else is there to call such regard, such attentiveness, such constant mindfulness? - everything is a sign, an augury that demands interpretation. Nor does it brook any gaps in its knowledge: A silence is not a silence but a message; an absence is not an absence but a reminder of presence elsewhere; the failure of something to occur does not suggest that it is as yet undone, but that a different thing altogether has been willed."

"He marveled at the recurrence of this sensation in himself after so many years. It struck him that it was almost exactly like the feeling he had when he recalled something from the past that was lost to him and the combination of sweetness and futile longing catalyzed into something that went uncomfortably beyond nostalgia or sentiment; that if gone into deeply enough could turn to grief and even despair, not so much for any one person, but for everything he had wanted and that had failed to be. Not pangs of love, but of mourning, the one pretty much indistinguishable from the other, except by the time of life in which they struck you."

"That is not wistfulness or nostalgia or sentimentality. It is grasping the hard fact that time runs in only one direction, that we have already died a thousand deaths and will die a thousand more, and that there is no remedy for it but love, though we are sure we have never seen love except in the rearview mirror, in the sad and tawdry puddle at the bottom of the glass."


Marie Green said...

I've read Love Among the Ruins, too! I like it. It was a slow read for me... I think the author wanted it to go at a slow pace.

Penny said...

I have a huge list too :)