Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Love Choices

"Mommy, which do you love better? Your new sewing machine or your computer?"

Yup... that was the question my daughter asked me yesterday evening. And I'm not sure how I would answer. In fact, if the house was on fire and I pull 2 things from the flames, I'd have to ponder whether it would be my sewing machine and my computer or my 2 kids...*

I'm just about done with my first project. I just have a little hand sewing left. It is a simple but cute little doll quilt. I'll post a photo when I'm done. And I'm already on to my second project! So don't be surprised if I disappear for awhile. I will probably be far to busy sewing to blog (or cook or do laundry!)

*In reality, this wouldn't be a difficult decision at all. The kids could get out on their own while I carried my machines. Maybe the kids could even carry some of the accessories for me!

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