Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day Outing

We went to the Pike's Peak Earth Day celebration today.

Of course, we rode our bikes to the event (although someone seemed more like a circus performer than a cyclist!). Just seemed all wrong to drive to an Earth Day event. Our biking was rewarded with free bike valet and coupons for free beer from Bristol Brewing (which Matt pocketed with a big smile!).

Once there, we saw and did a lot. Jack made a one-eyed spider out of partially recycled materials
while Kate got her face painted.
Both kids make rock necklaces and Earth Day buttons.
We had lunch at La'au's which is a local restaurant around the corner then went back to the expo for more fun. Kate got her hair cut (all proceeds were donated to Earth Day).
And the kids planted seeds.
Maybe I'm a bit picky, but I was a bit disappointed at the amount of "stuff" being handed out. As soon as we walked in the door, we were handed a piece of paper with the schedule of events. I looked at it and then gave it back. I told Matt that I didn't want to pick up any business cards. If there was something we were interested in, we could make a note in our iPhones. We still came home with 3 business cards (one business card was from an acquaintance Sarah who has opened a store called InteriLife with eco-friendly interior finishes - and at least her business card was on reused paper with old printing on the back). We were pretty good about not picking up much else. We did get a couple freebies for the kids - Earth Day coloring books, some temporary tattoos, and some pencils. Jack wanted one of everything on each table, so I explained over and over that we only pick up what we need and would actually use (and that does NOT include a plastic box of disposable wet wipes!).

I also told myself that we weren't going to buy anything while were were there. Didn't happen. I wanted some new glasses from Rocket Glass Company but didn't want to ride home with them. We purchased fair trade, organic coffee from Grounds for Change to support the local high school PeaceJam, and I couldn't resist the Banner Bags from LyziWraps. They are made in Colorado from old banners. I *had* to buy two bags for myself because they were giving away a small bag where the graphics weren't *quite right* with each bag purchase. I *needed* two so Kate and Jack could each pick out their own small bag. Jack just loves his and looked like a little urban dude riding home.


Penny said...

:) looks like a fun day.

Ecover Blog said...

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! (And to enjoy time with your family.) Love your blog! I've added it to Ecover's blogroll. Take care!
-Deb for Ecover