Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring(?) Break

We had so many more stops planned on our road trip, but we woke up in Amarillo to inches of snow. Decided NOT to stop in this weather, so we just drove (slowly) straight through. Thank goodness we hadn't taken off the snow tires yet!

We'll hit those fun spots on the way home (the weather is *supposed* to be warm).

Then I was going to wake up early this morning and run a 5K race. Changed my mind when we woke up to more snow.

Let's just hope we see a bit more spring in the rest of our break!

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Jen said...

We're blaming this weather on brought it in from CO.
Sam is excited about hopefully getting to see J & K...he mentioned them at breakfast this morning and I told him y'all were in town. He thought they were going to be here after his nap. :) txt me or call me and let me know if you have some free time this week...we can come up there or y'all are welcome to come play here.

ashlee said...

that's not normal. right?!

we're supposedly going to get 6-12 inches here in the next two days. Bleh!