Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nest Assist

To go along with our birdhouses this week, I also thought it was time to put make the nest assist project we've been planning (another idea sent from my mother-in-law including a little bag of yarn). We gathered string, yarn, cotton filling, dryer lint, ribbon, and old fabric scraps. Anything that we could find that would make good, soft nesting material for birds. The kids (with friends!) stuffed the supplies in a couple mesh bags from lemons/potatoes/onions/etc. Then we hung it near our birdfeeder. We've been watching to see if the birds will start taking anything. We have yet to catch them in the act, but hopefully soon!
I Googled "nest assist" and found the same idea here. It recommended reading the book No Roses for Harry. I've been so good about not buying new books, but I couldn't resist ordering it. Then I couldn't resist this book. And because Amazon is having a special 4-for-3 promotion, I also had to get this one and this one. Argh.

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Marie Green said...

You know, you will love and use all of those books! Books like that are good to own, b/c the kids will refer to them time and time again.

Last summer, my girls got really into field guides. They loved ANY kind of field guide, and would spend hours pouring over them, trying to read them with their (especially then) rudimentary reading skills. I can't wait to get them out again, now that the weather is warm and wildlife is moving about again!