Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kate's Poncho Pattern

I used this free Bernat Yarn Easy Poncho pattern (you might have to sign in to see the actual pattern). Just a few adjustments, mostly so I wouldn't run out of yarn! I was trying to use up some yarn that I had purchased on clearance awhile back and knew I wouldn't be able to match it if I ran out. Here are the adjustments I made...

Only used 2 colors of yarn.
I used a Bernat Worsted Weight Acrylic - I had a 7 oz ball of each color - completely used up the dark pink and about 3/4 of the light pink for both the girl's and the doll's poncho

Used a size 6mm (US J10) hook.
Ch 84 instead of suggested 90 for size 6-8 years
Rows 1-2 where in the darker pink
Rows 3-4 in light pink
Rows 5-7 in darker pink
Worked a total of 34 rows, ending with a Row 4

I used a slip stitch to join the pieces and worked all the trim in the light pink.
Lower edging was done as directed.
For the neck edging, I skipped the 1st round of sc. Instead I just did the 2nd round of dc spaced evenly around
And Kate loves it! It is a little big for her (she is a tall 6x), but hopefully it will last a few years. The doll poncho pattern that we have on the American Girl is coming tomorrow!!


Jeneca said...

How would I make a poncho for a girl that is size 12?

Natalie said...

I'm not able to locate the Barnet Poncho pattern, I don't think they have it anymore... do you know what stitch you used?