Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free 18" Doll Poncho Pattern (shown on American Girl!)

Kate loves her American Girl doll. I was a little iffy about getting her one when we attended the American Girl store opening (don't remember that? Look here and here.), but now I'm so glad we did! She loves dressing up like her doll, and I'm excited they have something handmade to wear now.
18" Doll Poncho Pattern
(shown on American Girl Doll)

2 colors of yarn (I don't know how much to be honest... just a few oz of each color I think. I had 7 oz balls of each color. I used all the darker pink and about 3/4 of the light pink for both the girl's and the doll's poncho)
On my example, A is the darker pink and B is the lighter pink

Size 6mm (US J10) crochet hook

Front and Back
Work 2 Pieces Alike

With A ch 36
1st row: 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. 1 hdc in each ch across, join B, turn.

2nd row: ch 1. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) all in first hdc. *miss next 2 hdc. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) in next hdc. Rep from * to last 3 hdc. Miss next 2 hdc. 1 sc in last hdc. Turn.

3rd row: ch 1. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) all in first sc. *miss next dc and ch2. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) in next hdc. Rep from *, ending with 1 sc in last sc. Join A. Turn.

4th row: ch 2. 1 hdc in first sc. *2 hdc in next ch 2 sp. 1 hdc in next sc. Rep from * to end or row. Join B. Turn.

Rep rows 2-4 for pattern. Work an additional 6 rows in pattern (total 10 rows). Fasten off.

Slip stitch edges as shown in image below.
Lower edging
1st round: with RS of work facing, join B with sl st at point of center back. Work 1 row of sc evenly around. Join with sl st to first sc.
2nd rnd: ch 1. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) all in same sc. *Miss next 2 sc. (1 sc. ch 2. 1 dc) all in the next sc. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

Neck edging: with RS of work facing, join B with sl st at point of center back. Ch 3 (counts as dc). Work 1 row of dc evenly around. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. Fasten off.

Drawstring: with B, make a chain XXXX inches long. Fasten off. Weave drawstring through neck edging, having ends meet at the center front.
This is my first time to write out a crochet pattern, so let me know if I've made any mistakes!
And if you missed it yesterday, I posted how I made the matching little girl's poncho!


Anonymous said...

Very cute poncho! thank you for posting. Is it worked with Handicrafter cotton, too?

winbrick said...

I enjoyed making the poncho. I used the same pattern to make a piece that turned into a matching skirt with a shell stitch border.

Thanks for getting me back into crocheting for my granddaughter's American Girl doll, Sarah.

Lynn said...

Thank you, I will make this for MY grand daughter's Am. Girl doll she got recently!!!

18 Doll Clothes said...

Hi friends,

The doll is looking so nice with darker pink and lighter pink dress. The graph is so clear that anyone can prepare it for own doll. Thanks a lot.

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Kathy said...

I am a grandmother with my own interest in dolls. I love to sew and crochet doll clothes. I have my own American Girl doll, and I'm making doll clothes as a fundraiser for my P.E.O. chapter. Thank you for this post.

hfisher said...

I am a beginner crocheter & I'm confused on something... in row 3 you say to connect "in next hdc" however I didn't do any hdc in row 2. Do I connect to a hdc in row 1 then? If so, is there a specific one (in between, same as before, etc.)? Thanks for the clarification!

CB said...

I need help with how to sew the 2 pieces together. Any one who could give me other instructions would be very appreciated. The drawing makes it look like both pieces are different sizes but mine are both the same. Thanks. Cheryl

Francine Francis said...

can you tell me the dimensions as I am not sure what weight wool I will use but probably a large hook. let me know the dimensions of the 2 pieces to make. I have made little girl ponchos so i know hot to join then

Anonymous said...

Worked up really nice. I mad it in mohair.

Alyssa Kellar said...

What size are the rectangles when finished?

Francine Francis said...

Alyssa let me kow if you get an answer re rectangles size