Tuesday, March 02, 2010

February Running

February goal: 80 miles
Actual February mileage: 40.5 (argh!)
YTD mileage: 116.5
Miles left for 1000 mile goal: 883.5 (not so sure this is a doable goal still, but I'm going to keep on trying!)

Excuses, excuses...
  • My last long run before my race got nixed because of weather (and motivation) and I did short, easy runs the rest of that week.
  • The week after my half marathon, I had some pain in my left knee so I didn't run for over 10 days while it got better. I admit to being a wimp about aches and pains, but that knee makes me nervous because I tore my MCL and my meniscus during a ski fall about 7 years ago (I'd like to report that I was doing something perilous when injured, but I was actually standing still in a lesson when I randomly fell over. Remind me to blog sometime about how unsympathetic my husband was). Despite the lack of drama associated with my trauma, it took me weeks to walk normally and many months to be pain free (no surgeries, no brace, just time). It rarely bothers me anymore, and I actually don't think the half marathon did anything to aggravate it as running has never bothered it before. Probably just a coincidence. Still, I took it easy.
  • So much snow, so little sunshine
  • Travel and house guests
  • The pain of adjusting back to altitude
  • I put off last weekend's long run until today because I knew it would be BEAUTIFUL (and it is!).
  • February is such a short month anyway


Tiffany said...

You can do it. In the spring, summer and fall we both will need to do more miles than people living in say Florida but it will be nicer here and we will get those miles in!

Marie Green said...

Listen, I know it's good to have goals, but you ran a half marathon! I hope you are still feeling high from that!

Also, exercise of any kind (beyond skiing, I guess) is going to be so much easier from now on. This winter was HORRIBLE... for us in MN specifically, but it seems like for everyone every where.

Sarah said...

At least we are having some days of good weather! That should help the running and overall motivation (I know it does for me).

Penny said...

I still think you are a hero.