Saturday, February 06, 2010

Trip Pics

Some photos from our Alabama trip. We had quite a crowd this year. Grandma, Aunt Gwen, Cousin Emmy, my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law Jenifer, and cousins Mira and Sonny. Plus my Aunt Gretchen who lives in Mobile came down for a day. PLUS we also had dinner with Matt's uncle who lives in Mobile.

The first couple days were a bit chilly, but the last day we got nice weather and LOTS of photos from the beach. I'll try to get those up for tomorrow.

Cooler Days at the Beach
Grandma Picking Up Shells
Not Too Cold for the Feet
Around the Condo
Quiet Time
Cousins in the Tub
Jack and Grandpa Joe
Eating Out
Jack Catching Rolls at Lambert's which may be
our all-time favorite family restaurant
Jack wouldn't even pose with the sign once he knew what it said*
*Matt and I snuck away one morning to do a long run (9 miles - I crushed Matt!). We ran on a great path in Gulf State Park. As I ran under the Spanish moss covered trees, I was thinking to myself how nice it was to run in a forested area and not be at all worried about mountain lions... until I saw a sign that said to watch out for alligators!


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What a fun trip! We worry about the mountain lions and bears here and in the south I guess it is the alligators!