Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poetry Prodigy

I write poetry. I don't tell many people this (I'm not sure Matt even knows!), and I share my work with even fewer. My writing isn't as prolific as it was when I was an angsty teenager and young adult, but occasionally a bit still gets out.

Kate came home from school today with a book titled "My Book of Poems" as they have been studying poetry the last few weeks. I'm not sure what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect to be so impressed! I admit that the prose brought me to tears. But I am her mom.

by Kate

White ice.
White tres.
White stars.
White popritns.
White leevz.
White snow.

White ice.
White trees.
White stars.
White paw prints.
White leaves.
White snow.)

My Mom
by Kate

My mom
and I love my mom.

(She spelled everything correctly in this one, and Kate was very proud of her "line break")

by Kate
Jan 2010

Sum sisrz
loock like
a bot.
The bot snipt
the wotr in haf

Some scissors
look like
a boat.
The boat snipped
the water in half.)


Penny said...

awesome :)

Marie Green said...

Wow, those are special! Way to go Kate!

Anonymous said...

They are great! Such a proud mom!

Colorado Knitter said...

I really like the one about Scissors! You should be proud!