Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Crazy, A Little Bit of Quiet

The Crazy
Three birthday parties this weekend. One Friday at a Mexican restaurant where I got my newborn baby fix, but no photos.

One Saturday afternoon at my house where I had more than my fair share of 6 year old girls. Details to follow in another blog entry.
and a Moroccan themed surprise birthday party on Saturday night that was definitely NOT for kids. A friend's house was transformed into a Mediterranean oasis complete with belly dancers! Look at the draped ceiling! And, yes, that is me smoking a hookah for the first time...

The Quiet
Today. A lazy day. Crafts, reading, quiet time. Multiple overs - cast and hung. My mom is here so she has been entertaining the kids quite a bit. Pulled some Chili Blanco out of the freezer and made some cornbread muffins (using red cornmeal) with Kate. Baking with my children is always and exercise in patience but a good reminder that things don't have to be perfect to be good.

The muffins did turn out really good, and during dinner my mom and I were discussing what might make them so good. Kate piped up that it was her special touch in baking.

My mom replied, "So love is the secret ingredient?"

"No, Ama," Kate said, "POWER is the secret ingredient!"


Teresa Green 1984 said...

Your blog put a smile on my face. But what is a hookah?

Penny said...

power, yeah. raw muffins would be so nice ;)