Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Week

So last week...

Never really said much about my half marathon other than I finished. I had lots of cheerleaders the last few miles which really does help. Our friends Matt & Lauren & their boys, my mother-in-law, my college friend Keahi & family, my parents, and my sister with her beau. I also got to see my friend Dimity at the finish. My only "mistake" for the race was underestimating myself and starting in a pace group that was too slow. I was a bit sore for about 24 hrs but recovered quickly.

Dimity and me
I spent most of Monday with my mother-in-law. We took a nice, long walk around Town Lake and then went to see her new RV (now I want one!). I had dinner at my friend Keahi's house. Homemade ribs - yum! I also learned to play Guitar Hero. (Am I the only person in America who had never played this game? I was horrible...)

Arrived home in Colorado on Tuesday and had a few days with Matt's sister and my nephew & niece (they arrived the day before I left and were here while I was gone). It was fun to have a full house. After they went home, Matt took Jack up to ski for a few days while Kate and I had some good girl bonding getting ready for her birthday this week.

Jack skiing this weekend... he isn't even 5 yet... reportedly he was even going on those ramp thingies... how will I survive this?

I'm looking forward to getting back to normal this week (although is it ever really normal??).


Marie Green said...

You have no way of knowing this, but I'm terrified of going downhill at fast (ok, ANY) speed. I've had several accidents in my life, all going downhill (skiing, rollerblading)... anyway, watching that video gave me a small heart attack. How do you stand it???? He's so small!

(How awesome for him to be able to get good at something so young.)

Penny said...

I can't ski. We tried once on our honeymoon and I was a dork. But Jack is doing so good!

Well done on the half marathon!

Deborah said...

OMG I wouldn't be able to stomach watching my little one do that! That's awesome! I'm dying to take my 4 year old skiing but the fear has stopped us. Wow.