Thursday, March 04, 2010

February Reading List

Reading list is a little short this month. Probably because I've been busy crocheting. I should get some books on tape so I can crochet and "read" at the same time!

Three Cups of Tea - this book has been on my "to read" list for a long time. Snagged a copy from Bookmooch awhile back. While certainly inspired by the work of Greg Mortenson and a bit envious of his calling, I liked the book but didn't love it. Maybe it had just been talked up so much that I expected so much more. It was a good reminder to pull out our copy of the children's version of the book Listen to the Wind that we received as a gift from Matt's Aunt Elizabeth. I love books for gifts!

My favorite parts of the book were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter such as

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." - Persian proverb

"Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and had thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off they care, leave Allah's plans to him-
He formed them all without consulting thee." - Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat

Peace Like a River - very enjoyable. I liked all the Minnesota references, especially intrigued by the extended details of the Northfield Bank robbery. I knew the basics from living in Northfield in college (gotta love Jesse James Days!), but now I want to learn more. I may pick up a book from the little museum store next time I'm up there.

Salem Falls - Always enjoy Jodi Picoult books. Predictably unpredictable, although I did have a good idea how this one would end.

Simple Graces - by Kent Neburn the author of one of my favorite books Simple Truths. A nice read to help you take note of the simple blessings in life, but not as moving as Truths. I'll probably pass this one along again on BoockMooch.


PH-S said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Added The Simple Truths to my reading list. Loved Three Cups of Tea and thinking about getting the children's version for my kids.

Marie Green said...

Oh, man I loved Three Cups of Tea. It was certainly not the most eloquently written book I've ever read, but I so utterly struck by his story. I'm not sure I've ever read a true account of ONE PERSON, living in our times, make such a difference.

Also, I read Peace Like a River years ago and loved it. And we often go to Jesse James Days! David's brother lives in Northfield.