Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Being the dedicated and slightly neurotic mother that I am, I was up until midnight last night making "6" sugar cookies using this recipe (I love this blog but really dislike that they encourage bottled water) to share at school, but I forgot to take a photo. I was going to use the royal icing they recommend, but got freaked out at the last minute with the raw egg whites. Normally it wouldn't bother me (we eat raw cookie dough all the time) but imagining all the kindergartners with salmonella got the best of me.
Kate requested pink frosting for her cake. I made a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream frosting. I didn't have enough powdered sugar (see above's frosting concerns) so the frosting was pretty runny. Still it was super yummy.
Kate says she doesn't know if it feels different being six as she has already forgotten what it feels like to be five.


Penny said...

happy birthday Kate!

Anonymous said...

I use meringue powder/powdered egg whites (Wilton makes a good one) for my royal icing. Quite often I just guess on amounts (about 1 c. of powdered sugar to 2 tsp. of meringue powder to 2 T water, add more as needed if too thick). I can send you an official recipe (and often they are inside the meringue powder cans, also). You can steal my 6 cookie pic from facebook and pretend it is yours. ;)--Melissa