Monday, January 25, 2010

Running Update

Less than 3 weeks until my half marathon. Did my longest run of my training this morning. Get to start scaling back on my long runs now (thank goodness!). Have my plane tickets for my little weekend getaway. I'm ready to go!

Notes to self from run today:
  • The jelly beans with caffeine make you nauseous
  • No matter how cold you are in when you first walk outside, you'll be hot in 20 min. Don't over dress.
  • Go to yoga so your hips don't hurt
  • You burned over 1200 calories - EAT!
  • Running more than once between long runs *might* be beneficial
  • Call Val about orthotics and a foam roll
  • Those not-yet-20 year old college guys effortlessly running past you don't have 2 babies... or all your experience and wisdom!


Tiffany said...

Well said! Good Luck!!

Marie Green said...

Love your thoughts! I just agreed to run a 5K. It's not until this summer, and we might try to find another that is a little sooner, but STILL. Somehow, I don't think that reading about running or simply staring at my sneakers is going to help.

Penny said...

Love the last one! LOL!

I've just started Couch to 5k.

Rana said...

That last one made me laugh out loud!
That's so impressive you can run so long. Perhaps one day I can get to half of your stamina!