Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pancakes for Lunch

We had pancakes for lunch today. Matt is still skiing, I'm trying to get some items ticked off my to do list so it isn't so torrentially long for tomorrow, and the kids are bored and cranky. Sounds like a good day for pancakes! Plus Kate makes the pancakes on her own now (pouring batter on the griddle and flipping), so it keeps the kids entertained while I work nearby.

We didn't make my usual recipe for pancakes. Instead we tried this five-grain buttermilk pancake recipe. I always have misc. leftover grain flour in the fridge, and this recipe is going to be a great way to use it up. Instead of the flours called for in the recipe, my combo was whole wheat, teff, barley, and a little bit unknown flour in an unlabeled container in the back of the fridge (and there is more where that came from... please tell me that I am not the only one with little bits of leftover flours!). The pancakes were yummy, although they definitely had that healthy, whole-grain texture to them.

And how good does that raspberry honey look?!? I didn't make it because I have just a touch of honey left in the pantry, plus I still had some leftover fruit compote that I like on pancakes. I did sorta fib to the kids to get them to eat the fruit compote and told them there was no maple syrup left. I think I'll fib again about the syrup next time we make pancakes and try the raspberry honey. I'm really glad right now that I have frozen raspberries in my freezer!

Anyway, that was a really long way to say that it was a good recipe.


Marie Green said...

We had pancakes, too, for lunch today. =) We usually do on Sundays. We use an old family recipe for Swedish pancakes, which uses LOTS of eggs (I think we use 8 to make a batch for our family of 5) and less flour.

Is that your photo? It's gorgeous!

Lauren said...

Our kids had pancakes for lunch today also! But we were eating out so I am sure there was nothing healthy about them. To tell you the truth, I was just glad they ate something.