Thursday, January 28, 2010

Opposite of Tree Hugger?

Is a tree killer! And that would be me! Argh.

I'm feeling really guilty because yesterday we had 3 trees taken down in our backyard. Two were huge pine trees that were a bit past their prime. The third was a smaller pinon pine that wasn't doing much for our landscaping and was blocking the growing space of one of our three enormous Blue Spruces. We were pretty crowded with trees on our property as we still have 9 trees left (5 of significant size - probably 100+ years old). Our impetus to take the trees down now is that I "need" a garden and removing the trees will give me the space and sunlight for my future garden. I keep justifying to myself that my garden over the years will be more beneficial than these not-doing-so-well trees. There is still just something about cutting down a tree.

So I will continue to feel guilty. Good ol' Catholic guilt. Maybe I'll let go of it when I start planting my garden.


PopMom said...

Why don't you and the kids plant a tree elsewhere to replace one or more of the ones you cut down? Maybe that will help you feel better :)

Penny said...

if you have a wood burner you can reuse them for heat :)

Even sustainable forests have to have trees cut down.