Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids' Artwork

The artwork is prolific in our house. Done at school, done at home, done at friends' houses, done in an art class. I'm pretty good about sifting through as it comes through the door. Anything I am not enthralled with (it seems sacrilegious to admit that I'm not taken with all art my children produce) goes right into the recycling dumpster.

I tend to save "artwork" over "projects" just because I find it more personal (unless the project involves hand prints or photos. Then I keep it) Before I toss any projects, I scavenge anything that can be reused at home like googly eyes, fuzzy balls, brackets, etc.

Poor turkey about to lose his eyes.
(I display holiday theme projects for awhile.
This one was up for Thanksgiving...
and Christmas...
and New Years...)
I keep the googly eyes in an old children's vitamin jar (I love that it has a child-proof lid to keep the kids from dumping!)
I also save some of the larger paintings in a drawer to reuse as wrap on the occasional present.

The art that I want to keep, I label with names, titles and dates on the back and put in a big drawer in my office. When it gets full, I sort back through it to keep favorites which go in the baby box. I find it easier easier to sort and let go when some time has passed. I don't feel quite as sentimental. The rest get recycled or reused as wrap. Some examples of our keepsake art...

"Mom Doing Yoga" by Jack
(I look like a sumo wrestler!)
"Hippo Pooping at the Zoo" by Kate
I do keep some random projects that catch my heart.
"3-eyed ladybug monster" by Jack.


Penny said...

I'm ruthless too. There is only so much you can keep :)

John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

I remember, I use to compile my artwork when I was still a kid. I love arts, it's one of my favorite past when not in school.

Tiffany said...

Mikayla's first year in preschool she bought home at least 1 or 2 pictures every day if not more. We had so many and she hated it if I threw them away so I would have to do my best to throw them away when she was not around. This year she is not bringing home nearly as many and I wish she was bringing home more but not as many as last year.